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Production and Sale of Printed Course Materials

For those in Edmonton, SUBPrint Copy Centre on the main campus is the first point of contact for accepting requests and answering inquiries related to the production of printed course materials. See their website for more information.

For those in Camrose at Augustana Faculty, contact your on campus Copy Centre for instructions on preparing your course materials and submitting a request.

All course collections sold to students will be reviewed for copyright compliance prior to production. The responsibility for this review resides with the Copyright Office. Download and complete a Copyright Compliance Review Form and send it to us via email.

As the time required for clearing copyright does vary, we recommend submitting your request 6-8 weeks in advance of your course start date.

Revisions to this website are ongoing. Please check the site regularly for updates. This procedure and/or its supporting documentation will be revised as best practices and standards continue to evolve in the educational context.

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